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The Heart of a Child is an accomplished and engrossing book. The story is expertly plotted, the prose is descriptive and sensual, and the characters are skillfully drawn. Patti Brady has an enviable knack for memorable imagery, and her realistic dialogue moves the story swiftly along.”

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"The Heart of a Child. A story that you want to be true. You want to go to the park in Woodstock and see Manuel, running, happy, a part of a family you've learned to love, a part of a community that could be your own . . . ."

Juanita Hughes: author of But What Do I Know?
Woodstock Visitors Guide at Dean's Store
Columnist for The Cherokee Tribune

"The Heart of a Child. I couldn't put it down. The characters are so real, and you truly feel as if you know them. The story made me laugh as well as cry. A great read."

Kim Jordy: Author of Tea Leaves and Thyme Cookbook
Owner - Tea Leaves and Thyme (Woodstock, GA)

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