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A novel by Patti Brady


A sophisticated young man, educated at Princeton, owner of five custom-designed tuxedos and several hyper-expensive driving machines, chooses to live as a common laborer to escape his opulent but unhappy world. How will his search for stability and wholeness end?

Keeping his former life a secret, Hank comes to live next to a lake on the outskirts of the north Georgia town called Woodstock. After three years, time has not healed his wounds. The townsfolk, known for their lovable, well-meaning, and humorous ways, are intrigued by the loner with a giant intellect. His gruff exterior surrounding a tender conscience baffles them.

Wrung out with despair, Hank is on the brink of self-destruction. Two opposite worlds meet--his tumultuous psyche up against the quiet circle of influence made by a wise Mexican girl and her son. The child, born with a defective heart, is trustworthy medicine for a cynical man—if that man is able to recognize the good that it does him.


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